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Photo Gallery

*8* August 10, 2012 *8* August 10, 2012 *8,* the brand Show poster 162932531 Hockett Family Recital Hall The courtroom before the trial. 162932534 Our Players 162932530 Cast on Stage Let the proceedings begin. 162932515 Press Kit Wainer as Broadcast Journalist 162932516 Judge Arthur Bicknell as Judge Vaughn Walker 162932517 Plaintiffs Brett Bossard as Jeff Zarrillo, and Jesse Bush as Paul Katami 162932518 Plaintiffs Kristin Sad as Sandy Stier, and Judith Andrew as Kris Perry 162932519 Family Luke Wise as Elliott Perry, and Kevin Hilgartner as Spencer Perry 162932525 Co-Counsel for the Plaintiffs Greg Bostwick as Theodore Olson 162932520 Co-Counsel for the Plaintiffs R. M. Fury as David Boies 162932521 Counsel for the Defense Michael Donato as Charles Cooper 162932522 Contentious Opponents Rachel Lampert as Maggie Gallagher, and Ross Haarstad as Evan Wolfson 162932523 Witnesses Stephen Nunley as Ryan Kendall 162932524 Court The lawyers and the judge 162932526 Witnesses Mike Davie as Dr. Ilan Meyer, Dr. Gary Segura, Dr. William Tam; Judith Pratt as Dr. Nancy Cott; Stephen Nunley as Ryan Kendall; David Romm as Dr. Gregory Herek and David Blankenhorn 162932527 Director Rachel Hockett 162932528 Talk-Back Mayor Svante Myrick, Joshua Snyder-Hill, and Captain Steve Snyder-Hill 162932529 Gallery of Stars 162932533 Promotion This handsome couple can be yours. The photo, that is. 162932532 No 8! Just for us? 162932535 T-shirt 162932536